Category of the Dead starts off in the barren tundra north of the Longrech Mountains. Here the air is thin and try though that hasn’t stop the people of these lands from thriving and growing. In fact its made them hardier. Starting in the city of Nithlim on the eastern side of the border of Vahlengaard and Remsholv. Nithlim is filled with hedonistic people. Littered with gambling and “companion” houses. This isn’t to say the streets are dangerous, in fact the streets are watch quite strictly. Having so many “Dens of Debauchery” public acts of said natures are actually illegal, and punishment is always to the extreme.. Perhaps the largest attraction is nothing close to the small questionable operations and many would say they have no objections to it. This is the giant arena, The Circle of Blood. Taking up the whole northern part of the city with its walls towering above the city’s walls. it’s within the Blood Halls under the battleground floor that this journey calls its start.

We will be using the medium experience track.

1st: -
2nd: 2,000
3rd: 5,000
4th: 9,000
5th: 15,000
6th: 23,000
7th: 35,000
8th: 51,000
9th: 75,000
10th: 105,000
12th: 220,000
13th: 315,000
14th: 445.000
15th: 635,000
16th: 890,000
17th: 1,300,000
18th: 1,800,000
19th: 2,550,000
20th: 3,600,000

Category of the Dead